BOBO BM6 Jaw-Grip Bike Phone Holder (with Fast 15W Wireless Charger) Motorcycle Mobile Mount

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Original price was: ₹5,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,999.00.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 5 cm

Black, Red, Blue, Silver

21 reviews for BOBO BM6 Jaw-Grip Bike Phone Holder (with Fast 15W Wireless Charger) Motorcycle Mobile Mount

  1. Santhosh

    Good product

  2. alex

    Received the product today. Loved the packaging and the note from BOBO team. Looks a solid and we’ll designed product.

  3. Bharath

    It’s a good product.. The sturdiness is more than my expectations and I found it easy to install

  4. Vijay

    The product is super sturdy ND super easy to install.

  5. Karthi

    Loving this mobile Mount, hold the phone securely and works well.

  6. Anil

    Perfect product as I always wanted. Not so complicated easy to install and use. Best mobile holder we can get it in decent price.

  7. Ram Kumar

    Really nice and easily usable

  8. Sathish S S

    It’s great product. Sturdy and reliable mobile holder for any biker. Very easy to install and no fear of slippage and falling down of your mobile phone. I previously used X-gripped type holder on my bike and I got is stollen, but this one is not easy to remove for any outsider because it needs a specialized hex-key.

  9. Ajay

    Works as advertised

  10. Ashwanth

    Hi, i have installed this on my R15, between clutch lever n rubber grip. Very easy to install n handling during rides isnt a problem.

  11. Digvijay Prashar

    is it water resistant/ rain resistant.

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, product is water resistant and nothing will happen to charger also in rains.

  12. Rumi

    Will this support wireless charging on iPhone 12 with leather case on? That works on my other wireless charger at home.

    • Team BOBO

      Wireless charging is advised without case. With case the effectiveness of charging is not much and it becomes really slow.

  13. saggydhuru

    Can I get the same product in claw grip

    • Team BOBO

      Sorry, same product is not available in Claw-Grip.

  14. Jyothish devan

    Excellent product which is very stable. Was easy to install. And good quality meterial. Worth for the price

  15. Aravind S

    Can it able to hold my phone Samsung S20+ which has a screen size of 6.7″inches of dimensions 16.1cm Length x 7.4cm Width x 0.8cm Thickness

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, it can hold Samsung S20+

  16. Rishiraj Shrivastava

    It is only a wireless charger and not USB or Both?

    • Team BOBO

      Only wireless. No USB.

  17. Ganesh Shirke

    Can I use iphone xr

  18. Ganesh

    Can i use iphone xr model

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can.

  19. Lukman (verified owner)

    Can I use OnePlus 7t?

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can use OnePlus 7T

  20. Cameron (verified owner)

    I’m using this for my samsung note 8. When I turn on maps and keep it on charge, it won’t charge instead the battery percentage drops down eventually every minute… it only charges when the phone is locked without display on or when the phone is turned off… yet don’t expect drastic improvement. It hardly charges 5 to 10 % an hour based on my usage and my 3 year old phone. May differ with other phones. I haven’t tried with other mobiles. But I think I regret purchasing the wireless one. I suggest people to buy wired charger. I believe it works better than the wireless chargers

    • Team BOBO

      Definitely wired ones are much faster. Wireless charging in general is very slow as compared to wired and with phone screen on and some apps runnning, consumption is more than charging and hence battery percentage drops.

  21. Aswin

    Does it support wired charging

    • Team BOBO

      No, it doesn’t support wired charging. BM12 supports both wireless and wired charging.

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