BOBO BM1 Jaw-Grip Bike Phone Holder (with fast USB 3.0 charger) Motorcycle Mobile Mount

(33 customer reviews)

Original price was: ₹3,499.00.Current price is: ₹1,799.00.

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Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 4 cm

Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Orange

33 reviews for BOBO BM1 Jaw-Grip Bike Phone Holder (with fast USB 3.0 charger) Motorcycle Mobile Mount

  1. Shankar

    Top notch quality

  2. Sathish

    It saves bike battery through on off switch

  3. Gokul

    It’s really a nice product. The quality of the product was more than expected.

  4. Bala

    Solid product any speed any vibration mobile in place

  5. Mathew

    Good built quality

  6. Jayakanth

    After using this product for 1 month in the rain I am reviewing this mobile mount, excellent product, material, finish charges my 4000mah mobile from 10% -100 with an one hour on the go while using gps and music in my helmet Bluetooth this is not one of the best BUT THE ONLY BEST charger come mobile mount with this high standard and quality, I use this every day for 10 hrs the mount holds the phone like feviquick till u don’t unscrew the nob the mobile will not come out as I am using it I strongly believe even in a crash worst case the holder might break but it will not hold its pray from the jaw, nicely name d jaw grip mobile holder. Wonderful job team BOBO and thanks for introducing such quality product to people in India. Which can be afforded if thought in the right way, buying 2 mobile mounts with a year or 6 months is better than giving that price with bobo and securing ur time, money and rides that’s all for now thanks

  7. Arun Kumar (verified owner)

    Best product ever seen

  8. Noble Jose (verified owner)

    Best in class. No compromise on build quality.

  9. Aniket

    Can we mount this on the apache 200 4v abs race edition 2.0

    • Gaurav Garg

      Yes, you can mount this on any bike. We provide lot of attachments to suit different size handlebars.

  10. Vinay tej

    Super excellent product.No words. You can buy this withoutany dobuts.It will fit to any bike.

  11. Suresh Makkina (verified owner)

    Quality is good

  12. harisri881

    Can I mount in Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350?

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can.

  13. Amey khadatkar

    What’s the difference between claw grip and jaw grip?

    • Team BOBO

      Claw Grip is metal body and Jaw-Grip is Fiber body.

      Claw-Grip shape is different from Jaw-Grip which you can see in the photos.

  14. Sabarish

    can it charge a phone with USB 2.0

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can.


    I am being in a big dilemma to choose between JAW and CLAW GRIP….which one is better than another for a
    RE classic?🤔

    • Team BOBO

      Claw is better than Jaw in terms of durability as it is made of metal, however grip wise both are equally good.

  16. Balaji

    Can I fix for my continental GT 650?

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can fix on continental GT 650. We provided lot of extra mounts and attachments inside the box which you can use to mount it on any bike.

  17. sammy

    do you manufacture these mobiles? If so i want some additional features to be added which I can discuss later.
    I need 50 pcs with name engraved for a function.

    • Team BOBO

      Sure, please contact our whatsapp customer care on 9902229003

  18. Gaurang Honrao (verified owner)

    Best product and value for money. Quality feels superior. Worth every penny.

  19. Subeesh Gopinathan

    its USB charging working on iPhone models ?

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, it works.

  20. Priyeash Balasubramanian (verified owner)

    Whats the technical specification? How much watt charger? What is the output voltage and current?

    • Team BOBO

      Input – 12V – 24V
      Output – 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
      Max. Power – 18W

  21. shonzhunt

    Best ever product

  22. Zaan Ozlo (verified owner)

    Fast charge support 💯
    Fast delivery 💯
    Am satisfied 😁

  23. utsab samanta (verified owner)

    ossm product thank you team bobo😍❤

  24. Nagacharana SR

    I am using it from last 3 months Product is excellent, I need one information for BM1 model what is the size of main unit back screw ? I lost it need to purchase.

  25. Nataraj

    I want to buy this for my son’s Royal Enfield classic 350, Is this theft proof? Because the Last one installed was stolen.

    • Team BOBO

      How can we make anything theft proof in India?

  26. siddwb

    Is it waterproof?

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, it is water resistant.

  27. Adith s.s

    Can I fix it for my R15 M

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can.

  28. sunnydili2450 (verified owner)

    Can i have extra rubber plug for usb

    • Team BOBO

      Sorry but that part is not available.

  29. Satyam Pandey (verified owner)

    Can it fix in pulsar 150 model please 🙏
    Reply…..bobo ji …

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can fix it on Pulsar 150

  30. Aneeshnandan

    Can i fix it in cycle

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can fix it on cycle.

  31. gunasekarananand (verified owner)

    I am not getting fast charging option on this model, how to fix it.

  32. Manikandan

    Can I fix this for YAMAHA R15 V3?

    • Team BOBO

      Yes, you can.

  33. Rijul Kapoor (verified owner)

    The holder was great, good vharging speed for the price, but there is no way to secure from theft, someone stole right off my bike, and cut/broke the wire just so they could steal it, should be some locking nut/key mechanism as its quite costly to replace.

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